Artist - agent agreement
Artist - gallery agreement
Artist - gallery consignment agreement
Checklist for contracts
Commission agreement
Exhibition agreement
Rental - lease agreement
Sales agreement
Employment contract
Application request
Introduction letter
Query to art publisher
Query to book publisher
Query to gallery
Query to interior designer
Query to magazine editor
Response to inquiry
Simple issue request
Thank you for purchase
Gallery business
Competition record
Consignment schedule
Customer - client record
Delivery memo
Financial statement
Five years goals
Marketing plan
Model release
Monthly income by source
Monthly project status
Phone zone sheet
Press release
Print planning calendar
Projected budget
Property release
Publicity planning chart
Twelve month goals
Artworks, contacts, exhibitions
Artwork out
Bill of sale
Certificate of title
Checklist for a juried show
Confirmation of exhibition
Confirmation of sale
Exhibition expense planner
Historical documentation of originals
Historical documentation of prints
Images sent out
Item request record
Price list
Pricing worksheet for limited editions
Pricing worksheet for originals
Show planning calendar
Twelve month show planner
Who is attracted to my artwork

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