How can I migrate my art gallery data to Artnetbook.com art gallery online management software?

Artnetbook.com team will check your art gallery existing data base and will help you migrate (import) fast and easy all of your art gallery information from the most popular data formats (CSV, XML, etc.). Contact our support team on .



How can I pay for Artnetbook.com services?

You can pay by any credit card online. Artnetbook.com also accepts payments via PAYPAL system. Use this secure way for your online money transfers!



If I want to buy annual subscription do I have to pay all the sum in advance?

Yes, if you buy monthly subsciption you pay one month fee, if you buy annual subscription you have to pay annual amount in advance, however if you do not have necessary funds available in your credit card you can sign for a continuous annual payment method where the monthly fee will be charged from your credit card each month without notification!


Is my data secure in ARTNETBOOK system?

Yes, all the data is stored in an international data bank HOSTEX company owned by TEO LT and controlled by TELIA SONERA in Lithuania/EU country. All the data is stored in dedicated servers watched and secured 24/7. All the data is backuped on a separate server and, in case of any internet accident, can be restored in a couple of hours!



How can I migrate my art gallery information from my existing gallery data formats?

ARTNETBOOK support team will analyse your gallery data formats and help you to migrate (import) all information; contacts, artworks, exhibitions, other files, etc. Basically, the main accepted data format is CSV, however, if all your data are stored in XML or Access, or any other format, we will find fast and simple solution to help you make easy and prompt migration!


What is the difference between Artist and Gallery packages in ARTNETBOOK.com?

First of all, Artist package is cheaper as it does not include a couple of features required by art galleries. Artist package does not have the following: a) Operations (used for cost and income control and sales of artworks) b) reports (for analysing art galllery business day to day) c) exhibitions (mainly applicable for art galleries).

ARTNETBOOK package for Art Galleries includes all necessary features to successfully run and manage the art gallery: make sales, control artworks, manage contacts, analyse costs and income, run exhibitions, display artworks online, make best customisable reports and use template database.



How much space I will get in ARTNETBOOK gallery software online?

Each client will get 2 GB of memory in a secured server. If you exceed 2GB free server space you will have to pay 5 eur. for additional 2 GB. You will get a notification before data exceeds the limits.